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Shipping & Returns

How does the next day work?
It is very easy and it is possible to send the next delivery day before 21:00. Once your order is placed and your shipping option selected the next day, check the security of your order. All successful orders are shipped to our team to dispatch who selects and packages the items and puts everything into every parcel company, and we are ready to plan the delivery the next day.

What is the deadline for delivery the next day?
Orders will be issued the next business day from 9:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The order will be placed at 21h (if your order is ordered on Tuesday at 17:30, your project will be published on Thursday) and the next business day after delivery. Friday after 21h is Saturday or Sunday, all orders will be published Tuesday.

If I have more than one point, but do not order for the next day?
We have done everything we can to minimize the risk. In part, if you place multiple orders and each order is not available, we follow a simple process that gives you an idea:

All points available, the next day you will be sent to receive your e-mail.
If a project is no longer available the next day, we will send you an e-mail to inform you of the remaining items that are available for regular mail. As the factory will send us an e-mail as soon as possible, we will refund the shipping costs.
If the item is no longer on board, we will send you an e-mail reminding us that we can not ship anything. You will not be charged, we ship each item and we will refund the shipping costs.

How can I know if a project can be delivered the next day?
Once you are on our website at checkout, you can see what delivery options are available to you. At this point, you can see if your product can be delivered the next day.

OBLIGATION Will I pay for my goods?
Orders that were delivered to specific locations, customs fees, where they were added, were delivered to this country. This does not apply, we can give you advice or legal liability payments. Local tax authorities may make further recommendations on these allegations.

Currently, we can not send the BFPO address or the customer's email address. This is what we expect in the near future.

How is my order?
Sends Monday to Friday (except holidays). The signature of the goods is necessary. If no one is available at the address indicated, Yodel's signed packet will attempt to obtain a neighbor, and your card will go to the location of your property.

International: Your project will be sent by DPD. Make sure your product requires a signature.

OFFICE does not warrant to authorize the sale of goods and delivery in your country or specific location. Therefore, please pay attention to import restrictions before ordering